Where Is Your Faith?

If only, with firm resolve, we begin to live according to God's law, we do not need to fear any sort of attack from those who do not understand, for to him who has truly begun to live according to God's Law, all that happens to him at the hands of men, happens for his profit and to the glory of God. It is especially necessary not to fear being forced to move from a place we like to a place we dislike, a place of fear and uncertainty, unfathomable as to God's plan in it for us. 

What harm did the wickedness of Joseph's brothers do to him?  Was not rather his involuntary departure for Egypt the means of his rise to glory, the saving of his brothers from famine and the establishing of the conditions for all the wondrous works of God through Moses in Egypt and in the wilderness?  Pagans and heretics often chased Orthodox Christians into barbarian regions.  What happened then?  Did this annihilate Orthodoxy?  No; it rather confirmed it in the souls that were exiled and scattered among the barabarian peoples.  The evil heretic Lucius drove the famous Macarius and several of the Tabennisiot hermits out of Egypt to a barbarian island, where all the inhabitants were idol-worshipers.  But these holy men, by their teaching and example, quickly succeeded in baptizing the whole island.

Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic, Prolog, 21 September