St. Cyprian - Pleasures

The example of St. Dominica, the beautiful virgin, and that of St. Astius, the rich young man— both of whom submitted themselves to torture and death for Christ the Lord— lead us to the thought that there is nothing in history comparable to the power of Christ, by Whose help young men and women conquer themselves— and, through that, conquer everything else. To obtain victory over oneself is the greatest victory. The Church numbers such victors by the thousands, and many thousands. St. Cyprian, in writing about virginity, says: “To conquer pleasure is the greatest pleasure; neither is there a greater victory than the victory over one’s desires. He who conquers one opponent proves himself stronger than another, but he who conquers passion proves himself stronger than himself. Every other evil is easier to conquer than pleasure, for all other evils are repulsive— while the evil of pleasure is attractive. He who frees himself from desires, frees himself from fear, for fear arises from desire.”

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