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A Time for Illness with Elissa Bjeletich

Thu, 2017/09/21 - 11:31am
"When my friend Elissa’s daughter was still a baby, she had to undergo a risky liver transplant. Elissa and I think back on that time and the way our experience of time changes during times of illness, whether it’s we who are sick or a loved one": Host Dr. Nicole Roccas on a new "Time Eternal."
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Catholic School?

Mon, 2017/09/18 - 3:17pm
What if there is not an Orthodox school in your region, and public school is simply not an option? Is Catholic school a viable alternative? Bobby Maddex interviews Zach Cunningham, the principal of St. Mary Magdalen School in Everett, Washington, to find out.
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The Feast of Byzantium

Thu, 2017/09/14 - 9:27am
The Feast of the Elevation of the Cross could also be called The Feast of Byzantium.
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Fear of Death

Wed, 2017/09/13 - 11:39am
Bobby Maddex interviews Peter Schweitzer, a board member of Most Holy Theotokos: Rescuer of the Perishing, which is an Orthodox assisted living facility. Today he is here to talk about a different but related topic—namely, the proper Orthodox response to the prospect of one’s own death.
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St. Porphyrios and Child-rearing

Tue, 2017/09/12 - 11:24am
Fr. Alex Goussetis offers excerpts and reflections from the book Wounded by Love, specifically the wisdom relating to parenting and child-rearing.
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Time To Register For St. Stephen’s Course!

Thu, 2017/09/07 - 6:07am
Archdeacon Peter Boulukos is the Registrar for the St. Stephen's Course of Studies. Learn how you can get your degree in Orthodox studies by working at home. Registration closes on September 30. Call 201-569-0095 for more information.
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13 Reasons Why We Must Engage with Our Teens

Fri, 2017/09/01 - 10:16am
Bobby Maddex interviews Dr. Philip Mamalakis about his new eBook 13 Reasons Why We Must Engage with our Teens, which is a fascinating examination of the recent Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.
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When Ministry (and Christianity) is Disappointing

Mon, 2017/08/28 - 2:45pm
On a new "The Areopagus," Pastor Michael Landsman and Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick discuss a recent blog post by Fr. Andrew titled "Church Work is Mostly Disappointing." They also comment on the one question people ask them the most.
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